Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm so EXCITED!!!!

First off, I'm on a roll with blogging.  Two days in a row, weeee.  Lots going on here in Minnesota.  Severe storm season is upon us and we had a doozy come through last night and again this afternoon.  Tornado touched down near Minneapolis and the radio is saying lots of damage.  So far so good for my family and friends.  No reports of damage by them.

Now onto exciting but also a little anxiety filled news.  So first the not so exciting news that is causing a little bit of anxiety.  I wrote my boss a letter at my part time job that I wanted to cut back to one shift a week and if that wasn't an option, today would be my 2 week notice.  Eeeeek.  I just can't continue with the schedule I have and promote my business.  Not enough time in the day.

The exciting news is way cool.  I was accepted into my first REAL show as an artist at the Christmas at the Courthouse, in Stillwater, MN.   I had to be selected by the committee that puts the show on as a fundraiser to maintain the old courthouse building.  I'm beyond excited.  Now to get busy making inventory and putting together some sort of Victorian costume.  Yes, you read that, I have to be dressed in something that looks Victorian.  This should be interesting.

I was hoping to get some help from a friend and post a few photos along with my message above.  Maybe tomorrow, so I thought I'd share my excitement without photos.

Have a great week!

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